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ONE place to track your subscriptions: personal or business
Stop paying for what you don't use and have an insight on how you spend your money on subscriptions.
See where you money goes
People seldom remember all their expenses on subscriptions. They rely on their memory or bank statements. But it is time-consuming and inconvenient. It is even more complex in large organizations. INXY.ONE provides great insight on all subscription expenses.
Any scopes per projects and subscription types
You see how much money you spend on every product and every service type. You control everything and are able to reduce your expenses.
See where your expenses grow
We will notify you if your expenses grow. You will see peaks on the graph and will be able to make decision on cost optimizations.
Re-calculation into any currency
We track subscriptions in any currency and output it in currency you are most convenient with.
Personal family and business accounts
Use your subscriptions personally with your family or colleagues
Save your money
Often subscriptions 'eat' your money. You may forget about them, but you continue to pay. You forget to unsubscribe or employee who used certain subscriptions no longer works in your company. The sums may be small, but they become significant if we consider a year. INXY.ONE will help you save your money.
We automate audit
We will conduct audit regularly and suggest irrelevant subscriptions.
Track responsible persons
You can assign people to control subscriptions, it will help audit a lot.
We will remind you if the responsible person is no longer in control
You will be able to stop your subscription or assign new responsible person.
We will remind to prolong your subscriptions
INXY.ONE will remind you about services you can prolong to ensure uninterrupted work, personal or business. It will be not a mere email you can easily miss. Get reminders via one of convenient channels
Always free. No card needed
Ideal for team work
Get subsctiptions of your company in proper order. Add your colleagues and assign responsible persons.

INXY.ONE is integrated with Slack and enhances communications. Your colleagues will interact with INXY.ONE on messages level.Click „Block Editor" to enter the edit mode. Use layers, shapes and customize adaptability. Everything is in your hands.
We plan to release mobile apps
We are preparing to release mobile apps for convenient subscription tracking.
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